888 88 79 88 is the number of helpline for women suffering from domestic violence provided by Feminoteka charity foundation in Warsaw. Their role became even more important as the number of victims raised rapidly: thousands of women fled from Ukraine, traumatised by the crimes of russian soldiers. Feminoteka asked to raise awareness among those who arrived. Creative Adam Sierocinski suggested to launch an exhibition making the number a main showpiece.
By picking up the phone one can listen to the monologues of female survivors from Ukraine (real-based stories written by the polish authors, recorded by actresses). Exhibition was supported with the photography of Julia Krivich.​​​​​​​

I was
Being the only Ukrainian in our creative team, I was assisting cr. directors with visuals, translation and copywriting in Ukrainian, audio production with Ukrainian actresses and reaching out to Ukrainian female influencers.
Creative director  Adam Sierocinski
Art Directors  Bodo Kaniewski, Monika Braksal
Account Manager  Agata Skrzypczak
Editor in Ukrainian  Ilona Maruga 

Voice acting  Jasmina Polak, Olena
Turbal, Lubawa Griesznowa,
Kateryna Motrycz, Maria Pastuszok, Olena Borozenets

Real-based stories  
Sylwia Chutnik,
Agnieszka Szpila, Agata Napiórska

together with  Yulia Krivich, Pan Generator, Marta Mach,  Agnieszka Mazur
client  Feminoteka
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